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Consent and Substitute Decision-Making

Part 2 - Decisions: Issues of Consent and Substitute Decision-Making in Long- Term Care     




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External Publications

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)

In co-operation with the community legal clinics in Ontario, Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) produces many helpful publications on a wide range of legal topics. CLEO and ACE worked together on the booklet Every Resident: The Bill of Rights for People Who Live In Ontario Long-Term Care Facilities. It is also available in French - Droits de la residente et du resident: Declaration des droits des personnes qui vivent dans des foyers de soins de longue duree en Ontario. This booklet is an easy-to-understand description of the rights of residents in long-term care homes as set out in the legislation. Multiple copies of this publication may also be ordered free of charge from the CLEO website or by phoning (416) 408-4420.

Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Information and Privacy Commissioner

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has created a Fact Sheet for residents living in long-term care homes and their substitute decision-makers about the law governing consent and access to personal health information (health records) in possession of the long-term care home.


Concerned Friends, a Voice for Quality in Long Term Care

Concerned Friends began in 1980 when a group of concerned citizens met to discuss the lack of care in long-term care homes. Their mission is to advance the health and well-being and enrich the experiences of those living in long- term care homes across Ontario. Each year Concerned Friends summarizes the Ministry of LTC Inspection Reports and issues a summary report.

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